Someone asked this on the Internet, it is not me actually coming up with the observation.
Can someone please tell me how the Taliban survived the last eighteen months with NO vaccines, no social distancing, no PCR testing, no masks, no isolating, no quarantines, no hand sanitizer, and no shutting down businesses, to then recapture an ENTIRE country with NO mass deaths amongst their population during a global pandemic. I just read a propaganda piece on how the Taliban "readily accepted" the vaccines, and I call bullshit. The Talban famously KILLED people trying to administer polio vacci, amirite?

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They don't watch the news or posts

It's part of a left-wing Democrat campaign to make the Taliban look respectable.
After all, the Democrats now have to "negotiate" (i.e., bribe the Taliban) to get the remaining Americans and at-risk Afghans out.  What total  asses.   ono smilie

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