Well, it seems that today our country has achieved a new, discusting low: a four year old in Georgia died of COVID-19. But, our always socially conscience friends on the far right may have stumbled upon a solution (I say "stumbled" because actual thought is something foreign to many of them). All we need to do is to pass laws criminalizing the refusal to get vaccinated and also the refusal to wear masks. Then, in the same legislation, mandate that others turn in the offenders. After all, doesn't the far right now do the same thing in Texas regarding abortion? Amirite?

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While you are correct in saying that 4 year olds cannot get the vaccine, the problem is that, largely because of the unvaccinated, the SPREAD is killing so many, especially children! Until we all get on board with getting vaccinated and wearing masks, there will be further variants with even more destructive rates of spread. What needs to stop is this ridiculous distrust of science, medicine, and anything the government provides or mandates. We should have had this well under control or even diminishing by now. So, indeed, we ALL need to keep studying real, proven, science, hygiene, nutrition, and exercise, and quit listening to Tucker Carlson, or those promoting Ivermectin. Also, we ARE our brother's (and sister's) keepers because this is also a PUBLIC HEALTH issue an not a so-called "my rights" issue.

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So become the new Stasi?

Stop!!! Stop blaming someone else for your shortcomings... anti vax had nothing to do with that death...even the FDA aren't allowing 4 year olds to take the vaxx...so go read some science books,, also hygiene ,nutrition and exercise books, stop watching the news

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