Big pharm is just mad that not everybody wants their Kool aid, so just like all cults , they force you too, amirite?

Heavens gate, Jonestown and Manson family all hated free will

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I am very much pro vaccine and think that the covid-19 and flu vaccine should be compulsory. This would reduce disease burden on the healthcare system. Yet, there are many problems with Big Pharm.

"Social Science Research on Conflict of Interest

A line of research with important implications for financial conflict of interest examines the “self-serving bias”11 in perceptions of fairness: individuals’ judgments of what is fair
are typically biased in favor of their self-interests."


For more info on the scandals of Big Pharm read Mistakes were made but not by me why we justify foolish beliefs, bad decisions, and hurtful acts by Carol Tavris and Elliot Aronson.

So are the folks like Faucci/Gates who hold patens.

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