Being honest and trusted holds a heavy responsibility because if you did decide to lie people would believe you. amirite?

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Almost hate how true this is.

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With great power, comes great responsibility.

Thee-Apple-Lords avatar Thee-Apple-Lord Yeah You Are +5Reply

If you lie, others will stop trusting you. However, if you’re brainwashingly verbally aggressive, they’ll believe your lies and post them on social media.

That's why the most honest people are able to lie the best.

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I think we have found the sokraties of our time.

Freemasons vow every month (at least in my state) to treat everyone fairly and never lie. So I follow that. The biggest problem? People don't believe that people like that exist anymore. It's frustrating.

Lying is a mental handicap..just like tourettes syndrome, it's impulsive

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