When the first manned mission lands on Mars, whatever they do will be a world record. amirite?

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And they're going to be live streaming from the surface and people are still going to say it's fake.

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Man takes piss furthest away from earth!

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That was a big chunk of The Martian.

And as soon as that happens, we can start destroying that planet

You mean Mars record

@capamericasur World record still applies

How so, it's not the world. You would need a universe record for it to apply.

@Mcgee0 Its a world. Its not Earth.

Yeah what he said, It's still a world just not this world. There could also be a solar system record too

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@Iapetus-11 So what defines a world then?

Well, good question. You could say a planet but also the reality you live in as in "our world" opposite to astronauts living in Mars which would be in "their world". Either way a "world" can be a definition for more than our planet.

I guess the first business to open will be Guinness on Mars.

Universal Record

@Thenaturelover Universal Record

Nope.. that would still include Earth.

@GnarlyStarwin Nope.. that would still include Earth.

I like how you disagree, but then explain why you are wrong in the same statement

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@browndog888 I like how you disagree, but then explain why you are wrong in the same statement

I like how you got it wrong, then we're corrected and doubled down on being wrong..

Martian record.

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First is forever...

For the first time earth records won't be the universal records

Most breathes in a single minute.


In spaceflight people now generally use "crewed" instead of "manned" to be more inclusive.

Mars isn't the world, it's a planet.

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Imagine being the first person to fart on an entire planet.

The first human on Mars will be be a refugee

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