if the odds of there being an armed maniac are high for any given location. then the odds of there being two armed mainiacs are stupendously high. Always carry a gun. It's safer. amirite?

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Found the Texan

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@teknogreek Found the Texan

They could be Canadian, you don't know..

Nothing increases overall survival rate like moar bullets flying through air, boy howdy.

@browndog888 Wot?

If you are an armed maniac, the odds of there being another are ridiculously high.

So you best be the armed maniac.

Hmm sounds like texas but aight

Or...Or..and this is just a wild suggestion here.. maybe don't have guns everywhere and then the chances of there being even one armed maniac fall to nearly zero...eliminating the need to have a gun to protect yourself from to begin with. Again, this is just a wild theory being practiced in the vast majority of the civilized world. Call me crazy.

If you carry a gun with you, the probability of there being an armed maniac being wherever you are become 1.

If the odds of any given location are high that there is an armed manic there, ask yourself if there might be something wrong with arming people in the first place.

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Stats show that the number of deaths by accident simply by owning a gun are way higher.

So no gun is safer.

I think you're the armed maniac man.

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