It may well be time for the Republican party to shut down. They are no longer the party of Lincoln. In fact Lincoln, and others like Roosevelt (Teddy), Eisenhower, Reagan, and Bush I and II, would be put out for being too liberal! The fact is, I don't think that they would have anything to do with the Republican party in it's current, adulterated form because of Trump and his disciples. Amirite?

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Teddy Roosevelt actually did have a falling out of sorts with the Republicans of his day, but, he was nowhere near as problematic as Trump. Reagan raised taxes at least 3 times, maybe 4 early in his presidency. What has happened to the GOP is a crying shame because of Trump.

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It's no longer a party but a CULT! And that's very dangerous.

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Why do u call that "The" Republican party.. it's a few extremist... you seem like the type that would defend Muslims and can distinguish between " extreme muslims" or orthodox. Why can't you tell the difference between crazy people who " IDENTIFY " as Republican , but are clueless to reality

@Toounknown Why do u call that "The" Republican party.. it's a few extremist... you seem like the type that would defend...

I speak of the Republican SYSTEM of governance, or what has become their philosophy since Trump has arrived on the scene because, so far, the "good" Republicans haven't sufficiently distanced themselves from what has become a cult. This, at least to me, IS different from the different factions of Islam, Judaism, or Christianity because they, as a whole, have not been tainted by their extreme elements. The Republican party had the chance to "dump Trump" in 2016 when the ROC chair, Reinhold Richard "Reince" Priebus' who was actually quite wary of Trump's qualifications, should have revoked his party membership when he seriously spoke of forcing all Muslims to leave the United States. They were too afraid of Trump then running as an independent just like Ross Perot did in 1992 and split the Republican party then, giving Bill Clinton the election.

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And Truman, J.F. Kennedy and Johnson would be considered much too conservative for today's insanely woke Democratic party.

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