People make fun of D&D players but spend hundreds on a fantasy league of sports icons. amirite?

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Who is making fun of D&D players? We don't live in some 80s teen movie, dude, nobody gives a sht.

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Whenever it comes up in conversation people usually say something along the lines of "cool, I've always wanted to play" and leaves it at that. Sometimes they also play and we go into specifics about what's happening in our campaigns.

You okay dude?

It's always fascinated me what society deems "normal" to be interested in. Although, it's much improved now as people seem to be more accepting as a whole. But back in the day, if you spent hours reading comics, playing video games, watching sci-fi, etc you were a nerd or a geek. But if you spent the same hours watching football, baseball or professional wrestling, you were a sports fan. I'd argue that a middle aged man with a beer gut is living in just as much as a fantasy world when second guessing football plays as 10 year old me was pretending to ride a Speeder Bike.

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