When a man lives by himself, his whole house is his man cave, amirite?

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This is true. But I still have a she shed in the back yard.

I think that is what is called a bachelor pad.

Dude. I bought a 5-bedroom foreclosure (former frat house for the local university) for a steal. I had been divorced for more than decade. I had huge plans. There was a kegerator in my master bedroom. I was going to tear down a wall between the two other bedrooms on the second floor and have a massive game room…. I bought a dog. I was all set.
Then I met a lady and she moved in. She made me buy furniture and paint…
Then we sold it.
Today, we have a one-level ranch with a nice yard, and lots of dogs.
And I'm happy.
But if I didn't meet her, I would have this sweet-ass man cave.
But I wouldn't be who I am today.
All this to say: if you want to live alone, make your cave everything you want it to be before you meet someone who will always make you wonder how badass that cave could have been.

And a bois room where we can throw a LAN party.. yall are invited to my Cave

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