Pubes in the rim, amirite?

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Anyone who ever had to clean a public toilet agrees. Where y'all grooming skills at people!?

Itched his cock with one what?

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@teknogreek Urinal

Just making sure I read that right lol

@donna Just making sure I read that right lol

Supposed to say "on" the rim, but my autocorrect has a mind of its own.

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I've always assumed it's how some weirdos mark their territory.

You've got the pube pullers
The poop smearers
And the rim pissers

And don't even get me started on the ones who finger paint the walls with the nose goop.


I hate public toilets.

@Tanmoykayesen Jeez I'm Pete. Ok, which one are you?

I'm the crazy germaphobe that carries alcohol spray with me everywhere (even before it was cool and covid didn't exist)... And I spray that stuff everywhere and I hover than flush with my foot.

I suppose I don't really fit into your urinal convo...

Have you considered that during the day the only time your pubes are exposed to the air is in the bathroom, the rest of the time any pubes that fall off are contained in the underwear until you drop them/move them to the side etc to use the facilities, so the pubes you find might have fallen off hours ago...but been trapped just waiting for their moment to escape the clothing, just waiting for a shake to fly free and into a strangers life.

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I always yank a few out

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@Openeyes I always yank a few out

Listen it's not garnish, this isn't Waiting.

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