If invisible ink is white and can only be used with a special light, and semen does the same, you could refill your invisible ink pen with your own semen, amirite?

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Why does it have to be my semen?

Instructions unclear, how do I get this pen out of there now?

Tell me you never came, without telling me you never came.

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Sure you could. Probably wouldn't be any good, but you could definitely fill your semen into a pen.

Maybe it was semen all along

@Surfaces Maybe it was semen all along

Ohhh so thats why i chew my invisible ink pen so much...

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@dankXD Don't ever go around a black light OP

What? I can be light man bro! I just need to have some cool purple light and a good explanation to why i shine like a pregnant disco ball on a teenager party

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Hello Satan. I didn't know I was a fan until now

MI5 had its spies use their own semen for invisible ink for a short period of time.

Semen was actually used as an invisible ink for spies in WWII.

Got confused, put invisible ink in my peehole

In a pinch, the spies wouldn't even need a pen.

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