Evil is not a thing by itself - but merely the absence of Good. amirite?

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That's no good then

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Couldn't you say the same in reverse?

No. Murder isn't the absence of kindness, it is an actively cruel behaviour.

Evil is the negative, good is the positive, absence of either is just neutral. Sitting quietly in the park doing nothing is neutral, not good nor evil. Throwing a ball for a dog would be good because you're actively being kind, and throwing a rock at a dog would be evil because you are actively being cruel. But doing neither and just sitting there is not evil.

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Where's the funny??

Nothing is anything by itself - but merely a collection of atoms

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Then is good just the absence of evil?

Evil vibe is so addictive and powerful that it swallows a beautiful soul horribly

There is no such thing as cold. It's merely a lack of heat.

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