Important topics like critical race theory and u.f.o's need to be a future part of school curriculum, amirite?

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Equating critical race theory with unidentified flying objects U.F.O.'s is a false analogy. The two are more different than alike.

Unidentified flying objects are exactly what they sound like unidentified. A blurry picture of a bird, drone, or plane that nobody can make out. If you look into U.F.O.s sighting it shows more about human nature. Areas with high population density and clear skies are more likely to report.

Though I wouldn't say the science of U.F.O. sightings is important, maybe junior high level. Critical race theory is advanced. College level maybe even graduate level. Yes, we need to talk about race and critical race theory should be taught in college.

Definition of critical race theory.

"thinking critically about the institutions we’ve built that uphold the continued oppression of marginalized people. "


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