Todays humanity could check if timetravel will ever be possible by building some pyramide-like thing that'll last a couple thousands of years, with a writing on it saying "If you are able to timetravel: travel back to 12-01-2021". Then we'd just have to watch the thing on 12-01-2021 all day. amirite?

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wow, this is a very good idea tbh

I feel like every time travel movie tells us that the time travelers have already tried this, inevitably screwed something up, then had to go back to fix it and make it like they never did in the first place

Steven Hawking had an open invite to time travellers to his birthdays. No takers.

If time travel ever became a thing, there'd probably be a lot of strict rules on it. Like, not interacting with the past.

It could also be possible that time travelers already visited us, talked about what happened/will happen but through the butterfly effect that thing never happened and they're written off, ruining all further time traveler's chances at believability

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