The only aggression society rewards is white male aggression. amirite?

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lol this is an snl skit

Define your terms. Specifically, "aggression" and "rewards"

Adult temper tantrums and half-a-drink tripping over themselves drunken trainwrecking slap sessions thrown by females are far more common than sightings of male aggression in my experience that goes "rewarded". It's pretty disgusting and far out numbers any "with my own eyes" sightings of male aggression while out and about

@swiggybaby I second this

Women have perfected passive aggressive psychology as a result of not being able to physically defend themselves from their conflicting ideals

I don't think it does, I'm a white male, are you saying I can get away with aggressive behavior and not be seen as a total asshole?

@Boknows12 More than others can.

Yeah I guess that is true...still doesn't feel like it is rewarded, unless it's a police officer or something.

@Boknows12 Maybe assertiveness is a better word?

I think that is rewarded for most men, though if a woman trys she is usually called bitchy, which seems messed up. Think or atleast hope we get better about that as a society.

It rewards white male aggression disproportionately but it also rewards aggression in general far too often regardless of who is being aggressive.

white male aggression isn't the only aggression society rewards.

Get ready for the onslaught...

If you mean financially, no. Male aggression yes, in sports and combat. If you mean socially, no. Male agression is pretty frowned upon in daily life.

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