As 90s nostalgia slowly gives way to that of the 2000s, you can guarantee there's going to be white girls 2007-09. Constantly pining over how much they "miss" the decade. amirite?

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Already happening

@Kionix Already happening

What is there nostalgia for from that era?

@Masonrunnels What is there nostalgia for from that era?

Peak Emo/ Scene culture for sure

The start of trash reality TV with MTV and Jersey Shore etc.

EDM club culture

The horrible fashion trends like Juicy Couture

Sidekick cell phones

The start of social media and youtube as we know it today

World of Warcraft was at its peak

Obama became the first black president and people were happy about it

A lot to be nostalgic of tbh

Wasn't my favorite time in life but it wasn't lifeless

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