Your windshield wipers have moved farther than the rest of your car. amirite?

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Speedo needle has.

Doubtful, I live in las vegas where it rarely rains and you don't use your wipers to clean your windows cause it usually smears

Depends how you are measuring distance, the pistons, crank, anything on the drive train is in constant motion, covering much more distance in various planes. The tips of the water pump impeller etc etc.

The Jesus bobblehead on my dash begs to differ;)

Cooling fan has definitely turned more than your tires

That thin layer of dried bird poop has travelled farther than the wipers.

And killed more flies

My current windshield wipers sat in a shelf for a few years until I put them on ly car when I needed them. Meanwhile I traveled a bunch of distance

Nah, points on the edges of the tires or a point on the fan belt, for example, have moved much farther than the wipers.

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