If our moon was the size of our star, we would probably be monitoring gravitational waves and not the weather, amirite?

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Nill Armstrong wouldn't be the first one to step on moon

Our moon wouldn't be our moon if it was the size of the sun.


If the moon were the size of the sun? We wouldnt have room to exist.

If our moon was the size of our sun, and at its current distance, we would 1 be burned to a crisp and 2 get sucked in quickly by its gravitational pull.

… our moon is the size of our moon, and we still have to monitor gravitational waves it produces… because it literally influences tides… and also, that influence has a profound effect on the weather…

If our moon was the size of our star, our planet would be much bigger, and our star would too. At least, I think it would be.

Every country can claim ownership

If our moon were the size of our star, Earth would be inside the moon, and we wouldn't exist at all.

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