Right now, the spammer is busy upvoting Simmeringfrog's posts.
The spammer will soon pour in a mass of downvotes, amirite?

11%Yeah You Are89%No Way
Thinkerbells avatar History
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The voters have decided that Thinkerbell is wrong! Vote on the post to say if you agree or disagree.

He apparently hasn’t gotten out of bed yet. He’s late.

Oops. There he goes. He’s up!

@TheSimmeringFrog Oops. There he goes. He’s up!

And now, all your posts are a net minus.
The spammer has been busy with his fraudulent votes and with more spam.
AOC is very pleased.   biggrin smilie

@TheSimmeringFrog Oops. There he goes. He’s up!

Yep.  He probably got a stern wakeup call from AOC.   hehe smilie

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