People who live in rented homes are technically homeless. amirite?

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He's out of line but he's right

Say that again but slowly

@Ohowjuicy it. isn't.their.home.idiot.

On the contrary. You clearly don't understand how homelessness works if you think people that rent a place are homeless. In every way it is their home for as long as they are paying their rent. It's no different from people that have mortgages in houses, it's very much theirs but if they can't pay the mortgage they get kicked out.

@Ohowjuicy it. isn't.their.home.idiot.

But they're not without home, living on the street. So they're not homeless.

Wrong, homelessness is not having a home not lacking ownership of a home, otherwise people that live in apartments, condos or homes with a mortgage would all be homeless and that's the vast majority of the population

Do you wanna try again?

@capamericasur Do you wanna try again?

Not in the figurative sense, but in the literal sense.

But free of unnecessary money to keep the home up. It's a matter of preference.

You obviously don't pay to live anywhere… would that make you homeless?

@Crazymotherfuker You obviously don't pay to live anywhere… would that make you homeless?

Just because you're paying to live there, doesn't mean it's yours.

If I own an apartment or own the house I'm renting, why do I have to go through a landlord to make changes? It's mine, right?

Wrong. It's still their house or apartment. You're just being seen at responsible for it by your renter. Yes, you can call it yours because you're paying for it, but it's not actually yours.

But we have this warped definition that homeless is "without a place to live" instead of "without owning a home".

Also, unless you own the house free and clear, aren't you just renting it from the bank?

Being homeless is not having a place to live: usually a building I'd structure of some form. Homelessness isn't depending on ownership, but whether you have access to a place to live

People who live in rented homes are technically not homeowners. Fixed that for you.

That isn't how that works...

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