Erasers slowly sacrifice their lives because of your mistakes. amirite?

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I feel like this is somewhat inspired by the eraser that textually says: "for big mistakes"

Just like socialism

Yeah but hey, ultimately they understand its for the greater good of your art piece, erasing is as much a part of art as drawing a line on paper to me, if anything it's another "medium" to utilize for someone who loves drawing lines like me...

Ahhh like the tiny pink Jesuses of the stationary world ..

Or they give their life to give you another chance…:like the giving tree

That's why I only use old ones. They were about to die anyway.

Eraser died for our sins

@tonywonderslostnut Eraser died for our sins

So let's sin or they got erased for nothing!

Take my award, slowly.

That's what they were born to do

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