If you the way word extraordinary all the way through it sounds fantastical, but if you pronounce it like extra-ordinary, it sounds just a little better than ordinary. amirite?

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That word is reserved for David Attenborough narration for planet earth. That's HIS word

What is this meant to say?

@Larny2019 What is this meant to say?

Literally you are correct. It was supposed to say, "say" not "way".
And I believe OP is trying to highlight the difference between pronunciations. The 6 syllable Extra-ordinary vs. the four syllable ex-trord-un-reey. (Sorry for the bad transliteration but hopefully you get the point.).

@Larny2019 What is this meant to say?

I... I... I'm not sure? That if you pronounce the word extraordinary the correct way it sounds neat but if you pronounce it the wrong way it sounds ordinary?

Ex-trordinary does sound kind of cooler than extra- ordinary.

Still had a stroke reading the title.

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