Babies arrive in one of two ways: delivery or takeout. amirite?

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Sometimes, as the father, you get the wrong order.

Yes one came on her terms and I pity her husband because she is still living on her terms (38 years). The other two daughters got eviction notices. That first one was two hours of labor. The last two with eviction drugs were four and four and a half hours of labor. They ( last two ) are much more agreeable to change.

Good one!

i like to eat my babies while their in the hospital. i only take out when im tired.👍

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But if it's not delivery, then it has to be DiGiorno.

Take out? Nope.

Prepared and served at home? Yes

Oh look wordplay.

No sit down service then

I think it also extends to how they are originally made also

Yes I need to send our order back.. My wife and I ordered ours medium rare, and this is obviously well done.. We never order well done how is this possible?!

The original fast food

take my award and leave

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