There is a 14% chance that the meteor that killed the dinosaurs struck earth on a Monday, amirite?

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There weren't any Mondays then. Did you consider that?

Even if a Monday did or didn't exist it's 14.29% actually lol.

That's not how it works. It can't be on a Monday, if days of the week were not invented yet.

Did it take the same time for Earth to orbit sun back then?

@404ChompyNotFound Did it take the same time for Earth to orbit sun back then?

Why would that matter? The seven day week is totally arbitrary, not based on any physical or astronomical parameters.

@Tanmoykayesen What?

Is this a joke? Your sentence had multiple 3 syllable words, but you don't understand that there's 7 days in a week because it takes 52 weeks for the earth to orbit the sun?

Actually its 14.285714%

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There is 2 ways to think about this:
1. There is more chance it wasn't a Monday
2. At least they got the weekend in and it wasn't a Friday after a week at Dino work

It hit in the Yucatan, so it would have been lunes.

There is a 100% chance that you're wrong - Mondays didn't exist when Dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

How many years ago exactly was that ; to get the percentage of a whole?

I hope it's a Monday. I'd hate to get paid on a Friday and not have the weekend to spend it.

VOX already determined it to be a Wednesday

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