Corn is a bean. amirite?

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Your confidence may fool lesser mortals but unfortunately corn is a monocot like other grasses and grains. It's ancestor was a grain much like wheat or crabgrass with the little seeds it's got coming up while legumes are dicots like many trees and shrubs. We are more related to any living mammal than a monocot is to a dicot.

I like your confidence. Bean it is.

By that logic, a tomato is a bean.

@Ohowjuicy By that logic, a tomato is a bean.

It's missing the husk/shell, so it's just a regular fruit.

@mihneacuzino2 🍅❤️

A fruit is really a structure in a plant that holds all its seeds, it's literally the ovary of a plant, that grows into the structure of a fruit enclosing after getting fertilised by pollen enclosing the seeds it produces (they also serve as food for animals, and that's one method plants use to disperse their seeds). So a fruit, basically, is the name for the female parts of a plant after it was fertilised that holds its seeds. Téchnically, corn in itself is a fruit…but it goes deeper than that so you can do some research of your own if you'd like. What I'm trying to say is that a kernel is to corn as a tomato seed is to a tomato, simply a strut urge that holds seeds for a plant, deriving from the ovaries of that plant. Biology is fun

Am hummin bean.

Corn is a grain.

@Missannthropic Corn is a grain.

Explain it, and you can't cite Wikipedia

@mihneacuzino2 Explain it, and you can't cite Wikipedia

Corn is a type of fruit in which the seed coat is tightly fused with the pericarp, a caryopsis... Otherwise known as a grain.

I am afraid that's not how it works.

@Mytokhondria I am afraid that's not how it works.

How does it work then? I am an expert in corn, I've got pictures of them on my curtain.

You're brain is a bean

@bibbitybobbitybacon You're brain is a bean

I don't have enough hair to count as a husk

Corn is grass homie

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