Anything can be used as a bookmark, amirite?

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What about your own penis

I wanna hear your explanation for how a building can be used as a bookmark. I'm actually curious.

Ketchup is the best bookmark.

I tried using a backhoe once. Did not work well.

A booger

Buying a bookmark with a 1 dollar bill is the most redundant thing possible. You already have a 1 dollar bookmark.

Take two phone books and mark every page of one with another's corresponding page.

Water didn't work

I think I'm gonna use my salt lamp as a bookmark

Receipts from the bookstore are my go to. The fact that they sell bookmarks then give you a perfectly good receipt seems a bit disingenuous.

Glue. Fire. Acid. Clouds. Lava. Electricity.

Glues the best. Glue each page down as you read it. First page thats unglued is where you left off.

I tried using my dog's paw as a bookmark while he was sleeping but he pulled his paw out and looked at me for a second before laying his head back down and going to sleep. He's not a very good bookmark :(

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