Preservatives are seen as unhealthy in food, but they have probably helped more people than hurt by keeping people from accidently eating mold and such. amirite?

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This is stupid. Preservatives (the kind you have in mind, like in processed foods, rather than conventional ones like salt) aren't used to protect the consumer; they're used to extend the shelf life of food and make it cheaper to produce for the manufacturer. It's virtually entirely a matter of convenience for distributors and manufacturers, not for the people actually eating the food. Preservatives do nothing but make it more viable to sell people stale, low-quality foodstuffs.

Incredibly splendid concept.

I dunno, obesity is pretty rough on the system.

@Larny2019 I dunno, obesity is pretty rough on the system.

Yeah thats the copious amounts of cheap calorie dense food and lack of excercise, not preservatives.

Press x for doubt.

Ignorant people (whether by fault or not), not the general public, are the cause for many of the safety features in place today

I'm sure other toxins play a part, endocrine disruptors and nutrition deficiencies, I agree to that. I think preservatives are overlooked though. Your food is lasting longer because it's killing the enzymes that would break it down. Those same enzymes are the "workers" inside your body. The same enzymes secrete stuff in our bowels. Like the serotonin from your liver. Almost all of your immune system lives in your guts and you're passing this dead food that's void of nutrition and harmful through it every day. It's dead food. This has gotten progressively worse since the 60s but it started with Crisco 100 years ago. That's not microplastics. And they ate a lot of red meat back then with far less of the issues we have today.

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