The Moon is the more useful than the Sun since it gives us light during the night, when it is dark. The Sun shines only in the daytime, when it is light anyway. amirite?

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I need a f'ing drink.

Wow. Just wow, on so many levels.

The Chinese wants your location

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Ooooh no. Back to school with you young-un.

The sun is the reason we have daytime in the first place technically. And the moon only shines because of the sun anyways.

Isn't it only light out in the day because the sun is out? lol

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If the sun dissapeared, just know that not even a warm hug would protect you from the darkness and cold

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Are you saying the moonlight is more useful than sunlight?

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You do know that moonlight is the moon reflecting light from the sun right.

Holy crap, I hope you are joking

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windows shutdown sound effect

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And the Moon gets it's light from Sun.

Moon "light" is reflected sunlight.

Shall we tell him?

Put down the bong and come towards the light

😑 , I can't even try and respond. My brain 🧠 hits the brakes on this one. 😳

Did you guys hear North Korea landed on the sun, they went at night when the sun wasn't shining.

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Please never reproduce

@Openeyes Please never reproduce

Good thing he wasn't relying on photosynthesis

You made me dumber

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