Privilege is not an abundance of opportunities, it's a lack of obstacles. amirite?

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Privilege works by the same means and mechanisms as the reasoning behind a casino offering roulette.

If you bet on black and roulette, the casino is not betting on red, it's betting on not black. If there were only black and red on the board there would be no difference, but there's those green zeros. So the expected payoff on a bad on black or red would be 18 out of 37 instead of 18 out of 36. (And really awful casinos where there's more than one zero it could be as much as 18 out of 39).

White privileges like having a special card that, when you go to the casinos, you can bet on not red or not black instead of betting on red or black.

Anybody who's been in the military knows that rank has its privileges. Those privileges are not absolute or instant. You get to go to the officers club and socialize with your senior officers, which gives you just the slightest advantage in your future promotions compared to someone who's serving in the ranks .

Privilege is like sandpaper, sanding off the rough edges and making pegs fit their holes just that much nicer.

An illegal and brutal affirmative extortion

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Not according to the dictionary.

"Privilege" is a term bandied about by people who have no clue how hard someone worked to get to where they are.

Maybe ... like a cross section? By degrees. Priviledge gets purer and purer (pure does not equal 'good' in this context) as you approach the cross section of many opportunities and few obstacles?

The dictionary says otherwise but I agree with you. An abundance of opportunities is Luck.

people of all races have more or less obstacles than others. That's life, it's not fair.

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