If your in a ONS and your partner doesn't make any noise, that might be a sign they masturbate a lot since they'd try to be quiet about it, amirite?

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The partner being the ONS? Why would they be masterbating? Surely they just had sex? And it's at night. Surely the being quiet is called sleep.

The only assumption this leads to is that you watch waaay to much porn and think everybody is screaming all the time.

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you just confirmed one of two scenarios: they are jerk off ninjas and third parties never catch them OR they got caught jerking off as teens by their parents and the trauma made them silent fappers.

ONS = one night stand?

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@Tanmoykayesen Yes

Thanks. I only asked because it took me a minute to figure that out.

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Your = You are?

Nah, she was just quietly masturbating because she didn't want to hurt your feelings.

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