Bad students rarely exist. Bad teachers are more likely. amirite?

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Openeyess avatar Openeyes Yeah You Are +8Reply

There are stacks of bad students out there. Millions.

Kionixs avatar Kionix Yeah You Are +6Reply

I don't think it's rare at all. Why do you believe that's the case? I've witnessed plenty of great teachers having plenty of students with horrible family lives that just don't care at all about following directions and no matter how great the teacher is, nothing can be done.

At what age is a person responsible for their own choices and outcomes?

rainbow-grenades avatar rainbow-grenade Yeah You Are +4Reply

Students are as good as the teachers.

Milkzeys avatar Milkzey Yeah You Are +4Reply

Rarely?? Is it a rock you are living under?

This is wrong. There's bad parents, no parents, overly protective parents, overly passive parents, etc.

Doesn't matter how great a teacher is, if the student doesn't want to do the work...

No. I've seen plenty of bad students.

Bad students exist, but I don't think it's fair to blame them. Usually there are valid reasons for being a poor student. There is no valid reason to have a bad teacher

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