Elroy Jetson is NOT George Jerson's child. amirite?

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There's plenty of people out here who are tall AF with 2 short or average height parents. The same is true of the opposite. That alone debunks the first few sentences.

Sorry you wrote all that for nothing lol

What in the world ?

Elroy was in kindergarten. How many 5yo kids do you know that are as tall as their parents?

Maybe George was having a problem with severe erectile dysfunction due to a work related injury (that is why he was on light, button-pushing-only duty). This being the future, maybe people are much more open about sexuality and that is the one place where they have spurned technology. Since they were good friends outside of work, and his wife really wanted a second child, George asked his boss to pinch hit for him one afternoon during a cookout the Jetson's were hosting on their back platform. Mr. Spacely and Jane agreed, so they took the party inside. Due to the overwhelming, Napoleonic virility of Mr. Spacely, nine months later we have little Elroy. The problem is, Mr. Spacely started lording it over George at work, so they drifted apart through the years. Slowly George's work life balance became so difficult that he dreaded the three hour work days and could barely recover over his four day weekends. He and his wife, Jane, did manage to move past it because their kids were so great and they had a fantastic live in maid/therapist, Rosie.

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