The greatest thing about our country is the fact that we don't agree with each other! Left or right, man or woman, Christian, Moslem, or Hebrew, Republican, Independant, or Democrat, it makes no real difference. Why? Because, in the end, we love each other despite our differences! But, because of Trumpism, we've become selfish and mean. I say: To h__l with that!! Get your shots, grab your mask, go to your family's house, give 'em the right elbow of fellowship, eat, drink, argue, tell bad jokes, defecate (hopefully in the bathroom), fall asleep, and, above all keep enjoying your loved ones! amirite?

No more needed. Now, go enjoy!

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Oh, and don't forget the Phazymes!

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The meanness started long before Trump.
And it was started by the loony left.

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