Calling someone 'hot' is a compliment. Calling someone 'lukewarm' is not. amirite?

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What if your name is Luke Warm?

@Framie1 What if your name is Luke Warm?

Then your cool, do cool in fact that someone has called temperature a name after you.

And calling someone cool loops around to being a compliment again, but in a semi-opposite way as being hot.

@Hatchadi But being cold is not good. Being cold is not hot. Being cool is kinda hot, tho.

Welcome to slang, where calling something sick could either mean it's gross, or it's amazing, and literally could either mean it is exactly like that, or figuratively. How could a non-native English speaker tell the difference? Buddy there are some native English speakers that can't tell the difference.

This goes for cool and cold as well.

And calling someone 'cold' is an insult.

Well thats equivalent of calling someone average so obviously

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Lukewarm is a really good way to describe me

This is why you don't use imperial

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