If life is unfair to everyone it makes life fair, amirite?

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So the concept of unfairness is fair.

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Would the concept of fair exist without unfairness?

Life is unfair to everyone but a lot money makes a lot of unfair things that happen not matter.

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Just be unique like everybody else

it's more unfair to some people than others.

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The people life is fair to are the rich, you think Jeff Bezos has the same level of unfairness in his life as you and me? Or did generational wealth let him get into a position where whole countries get less money over years than he has in his personal bank account at any given moment?

Life is unfair to everyone, it's just that some people benefit from that unfairness while other suffer.

I think that, if life is unfairly good to you, you'd probably like to think it's fair, and would tell others it's fair, because that belief helps you keep things unfair.

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