It's sad how many people are pro choice. amirite?

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The best way I've heard this explained is that you cannot force a person to donate their body. For example, an organ donor must give consent while they are still living. A woman should not be required to donate her body to support an organism that she does not want to carry.

You hear a lot about extreme cases from both sides. On the one hand, there are (all too common) cases of rape, incest, etc.; on the other, you hear (infrequent) cases against aborting a fetus that is viable outside of the womb. I don't think either needs to be discussed, honestly. The bottom line is that a woman should have bodily autonomy, and any government infringement on that is cruel and irresponsible, and should not be legal.

It's sad some people exist


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@Lecturesea7537 Because abortion is sad

A lot of things are sad, they're part of life and death. It's just the ability to make a choice that's right for a person.

It is sad, but so are the consequences sometimes for having a child people have no ability to care for.

Your whole existence is sad

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It's sad how many kids are abused and neglected everyday. Abortion is sad but having kids born into a world where they aren't wanted is even worse

I heard something interesting on NPR. 80% of pregnancy deaths are preventable.

"Four out of five deaths that occurred during pregnancy or within the year after delivery could have been prevented, according to a new CDC report.
The United States has one of the highest maternal mortality rates among high-income countries."

Just shows how substandard America's healthcare system is.


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I see pro life as a way to enforce the white supremacist patriarchy status quo. Here's why, pro life is almost always enforced by rich white men. People with money can simply fly to another state or country and get an abortion.

Meanwhile, people with less financial resources cannot afford to do so and must resort to riskier abortions. Finally, since racialized BIPOC peoples experience poverty at a higher rate pro life discriminates by race.

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You're a trash can.

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Please don't start this here

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Why is that? Give me a really excellent explanation that I shouldn't have the right to choose?

@beachbum Why is that? Give me a really excellent explanation that I shouldn't have the right to choose?

Simple. Because you always had the right to your own body even in your mother’s womb.

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