It's sad how many people are pro choice. amirite?

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@Lecturesea7537 Because abortion is sad

A lot of things are sad, they're part of life and death. It's just the ability to make a choice that's right for a person.

It is sad, but so are the consequences sometimes for having a child people have no ability to care for.

The best way I've heard this explained is that you cannot force a person to donate their body. For example, an organ donor must give consent while they are still living. A woman should not be required to donate her body to support an organism that she does not want to carry.

You hear a lot about extreme cases from both sides. On the one hand, there are (all too common) cases of rape, incest, etc.; on the other, you hear (infrequent) cases against aborting a fetus that is viable outside of the womb. I don't think either needs to be discussed, honestly. The bottom line is that a woman should have bodily autonomy, and any government infringement on that is cruel and irresponsible, and should not be legal.

Why is that? Give me a really excellent explanation that I shouldn't have the right to choose?

It's sad some people exist

Your whole existence is sad

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It's sad how many kids are abused and neglected everyday. Abortion is sad but having kids born into a world where they aren't wanted is even worse

You're a trash can.

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Please don't start this here

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