Why aren't you idiots listening
to Simmeringfrog & Thinkerbell more?? It is clear Don WON. Its doesn't matter if he had the lowest approval ratings. IT DOESN'T MATTER IF AMERICANS LIKE HIM, HE WAS SUPPOSED TO WIN DUMBASSES,. P.S THE CAPITOL ILL RIOTS NEVER HAPPENED BECUZZ ONLY LEFTYS DO THINGS LIKE THAT, amirite?

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Cut the crap! "Don" did not win. The only "dumbasses" are the ones that continue to listen to and circulate the lies perpetrated by those who DID instigate the capitol riots (Trump, his Proud Boys, and the rest of the alt right). Please, lets just let these a--s quietly fade into oblivion. Oh, I'm sorry. I used a big word. Look it up.

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