In the future you will most likely be somebody's great great grandfather, amirite?

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Most likely? You need to be a man who has a child. Straight away your statement misses out enough people that's it's not likely.

Nope, not planning to have kids

Pretty sure that excludes about half the population.

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"Most likely" is extremely debatable. But there is always a chance.

Statistical analysis of DNA proves this wrong.Only about 50% of human males in history successfully reproduced. There is a higher chance today.

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Not true for every male , one of my closest friends (49m) has never had kids and never what's to have kids

Well, that would be a neat trick since not only am I a female, but I also can't have kids...

Unless I grow a penis, I think that is impossible

I'm a girl.....so how does that work

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No. I'm a girl

@browndog888 No. I'm a girl

Did you just assume your own gender?!?!

A half-cocked supposition…

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@Achilles982 A half-cocked supposition…

Outstanding pun on words 👏

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