Cemeteries are landfills for people. amirite?

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More like a mass grave

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I like the way you think 🤔. You know how sometimes cats and dogs have to be euthanized at animal shelters? Well, one of the official ways to dispose of the bodies is to put them in a landfill so you could very well say land fills are cemeteries for some animals as well.

With very expensive trash bags.

Hospitals are dentist offices for plants

What does that make sky burial?

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@Larny2019 What does that make sky burial?

Dumping your trash in the woods for raccoons.

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@Mytokhondria Dumping your trash in the woods for raccoons.

Little king trash mouth can now live like one

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Yet I still feel guilty putting my cemeteries close to my landfills in Cities Skylines even though it's usually the best spot on the map.

Landfills are cemeteries for our trash.

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