Crosswalk signs should be red & white instead of yellow & black. Because too often, if there is no red sign/light, drivers think they're free to go & fail to yield. But far less often do drivers run a [YIELD] sign when another vehicle is about to cross. And the [YIELD] sign is RED & white. So if crosswalk signs were red & white, the RED, which also means [WARNING] would be more recognized as a potential for death if violated. So the National Transportation Safety Board should redesign crosswalk signs red & white, the rate of failure to yield to a crosswalk should reduce noticeably, amirite?

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Yeah, it could be hard to be suggestive of worldwide politics, since politics vary from Country to Country. And yes- I was referring to in the U.S. And not knowing whether most members of Amirite are not from the U.S. But now I consider that probability and I'm not sure I can share anymore political opinions and not expect facts to the contrary. Or true in the U.S., but an obvious misconception in another. So hopefully by specifying my reference to the U.S. from now on, there will be less confusion. Otherwise- [politics] is off my list of topics.

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In the US (I assume you're also from the US based on your pic), all warning signs are yellow/black. If crosswalk warnings were changed to red/white, what other important warning signs would also need to change? Would that affect how seriously drivers take current red/white signs, namely stop signs?

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