Stealing from criminals is guaranteed to not land you in jail, since the criminals probably won't go to the police. amirite?

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This actually happens all the time where I'm from. Jackers going after successful drug dealers. Unless they have a couple shooters on their team, it's an easy lick since they won't go to police and your typical successful drug dealer isn't usually also a killer.

Thats politics in democracy

Depending on the criminal pretty good chance to wind up dead

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@Hatchadi Depending on the criminal pretty good chance to wind up dead

Init. Proper legit Criminals. Will Take the Law into own hands.

Mcgee0s avatar Mcgee0 Yeah You Are +4Reply

"guaranteed to" and "probably" in the same sentence: doubt.

They don't call the police, they handle you all by themselves!

fragsworths avatar fragsworth Yeah You Are +5Reply

But it could get you killed

Don't count it, some of them are pretty dumb.

Jason_Grace13s avatar Jason_Grace13 Yeah You Are +4Reply

Wrong. You will go to jail if you don't pay taxes.

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Never underestimate the stupidity of criminals. I know of a drug dealer who called the cops when his apartment was broken into and his TV was stolen... then promptly got arrested for possession of meth and paraphernalia. Which were in the apartment that he invited them into.

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The amount of absolute scumbags who constantly try to use the police as a weapon, makes me really doubt your statement.

Honor amongst thieves.

Omar coming

..sometimes the criminals are the police

This is great advice for a suicidal masochist.

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