Placing food in a fridge warms the fridge as much as it cools the food, amirite?

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This, is why people tell you to put stuff from tye freezer into the fridge some time before cooking it. So it's not frozen when you're gonna start preparing your dish and it absorbs warmth from the other fooditems in the fridge saving you energy

Lots of people saying no.
But this is true yes.
If you put still got leftovers in your fridge it can cause other items to warm up as well, and introduces more moisture to the fridge, causing ice to form when the fridge eventually cools down again.

It's not a good idea to put very hot things directly in the fridge. Especially if you have meat in there, as it can warm up.

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But then the fridge fights back!

It would if heat weren't being constantly drown from the fridge compartment. Right idea though, that heat has to go somewhere.

Well no... but it does warm your room while cooling your food.

Yeah I supposed I could do the math, but my left over half can of left over spaghetti Os is not really doing much.

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