There isn't a proper Love Triangle that is completely hetrosexual. amirite?

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teknogreeks avatar teknogreek Yeah You Are +8Reply

no love is the safest route triangles are always lead you down

A love triangle and a threesome are not the same thing.

Shiny244s avatar Shiny244 Yeah You Are +6Reply

Bizarre Love Triangle.

mihneacuzino2s avatar mihneacuzino2 Yeah You Are +5Reply

What if the 3rd was a hermaphrodite?

"A love triangle is usually a romantic relationship involving three people. While it can refer to a polyamorous relationship between three people, it often refers to two people competing for another's love."


"A love triangle is a relationship in which three people are each in love with at least one other person in the relationship."

It's really not that difficult to understand OP

Animal love isn't about gender

So what? Let people love who they love without forcing the constraints of one popular flavor of sexuality on them.

I think my favorite totally hetero one was a book I read a few years ago. Guy A was in love with Girl B. Girl B had to disguise herself as a boy. Girl C fell in love the boy version of Girl B. I cannot remember the book though. I think it was a Shakespeare play or based off of it.

Aren't love triangles when 2 people love 1 person and that person can't choose between the 2?

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