People who spend $10 on lattes every day are the ones telling poor people to cut daily lattes out of their budget to save money. amirite?

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teknogreeks avatar teknogreek Yeah You Are +10Reply

Americans spend almost 75 billion on soda each year. 10% or 75 million of food stamps are spent on soda each year as well. Almost 80 billion a year on lottery tickets.

I just spend $10 an a latte, and I feel offended on a personal level.

I don't get wasting money period. Lattes should be something you have for a treat. Even successful people wasting money annoys me, because half the time they literally are the liberal type that try to tell you how to live.

KilljoyXs avatar KilljoyX Yeah You Are +7Reply

No, those are quiet literally Gen x'rs and boomers that think lattes are actually worth $10.

If you can afford to spend 10 dollars on a latte, have at it.

If you're advice is 'no more daily $10 lattes' you are assuming a level of privilege way above my reality.

mihneacuzino2s avatar mihneacuzino2 Yeah You Are +6Reply

You can actually save a lot of money with some relatively cheap kitchen appliances, and googling recipes. I learned how to make my own frappechinos, and even use sugar free ingredients, so they're not nearly as bad for me.

Wtf do you go to spend $10 on a "latte"

In Italy an espresso coffee is like little more than 1 euro. (1.10$) milk and coffee still less than 2.

Can't believe that in US people pays 10 bucks for fancy milk and coffee that costs like 50 cent to make.

browndog888s avatar browndog888 Yeah You Are +5Reply

I love the lattes at my local coffee shop its called 918 coffee. They have the best 4 shot frap mocha I've ever had in my life and I pay 9 dollars with a 3 dollar tip easy. No complaining. But I'm also a poor person.

@Rowgeara I love the lattes at my local coffee shop its called 918 coffee. They have the best 4 shot frap mocha I've ever had...

$3 tip on $9 for a coffee?! That's insane my friend. 33% tip is way too much, and that price is absurd. I cringe when I pay $3 for an Americano. Maybe 50c tip, more for the Americano, but if it's $3 for a drip coffee I have to pour myself, they can forget it.

Effectlive97s avatar Effectlive97 Yeah You Are +2Reply

$10 is the price for two yummy latte's, the cost for my mental health

Heck who's got money for latte? I just spent more than a whole day work filling a tank in a Camry! Get the Blend 43, make it at home, take some to work. They've got milk at work already hopefully.

PizzaQueefs avatar PizzaQueef Yeah You Are +4Reply

Live a life you can afford. They can you cant.

baddThotss avatar baddThots Yeah You Are +3Reply

addicts telling people about addiction. sounds legit to me

capamericasurs avatar capamericasur Yeah You Are +3Reply

Most people just buy it with foodstamps anyway since they can't afford to live on pennies an hour.

Axellllfoleys avatar Axellllfoley Yeah You Are +3Reply

Well you see, Daddy gave me 10million to invest when I was a kid, so I earn like 90k a month now so I can afford it.

You though? You got what like 23.60 at the end of the month? Yeah invest that haha always be investing pleb. Take your latte money and invest it do ya know.


they're the ones complaining about $4 gas

Framie1s avatar Framie1 Yeah You Are +2Reply

Or you can get what my dad calls a latte which is powdered milk and instant coffee mixed with hot water.

Mcgee0s avatar Mcgee0 Yeah You Are +2Reply

$10???? The most expensive latte on my uni campus is like £3.50

All the privileged are offended, whatever shall we do lol

I spend 10$ a day on lunch and I can't afford it. I just make bad decisions :(

@jodzdzownica I spend 10$ a day on lunch and I can't afford it. I just make bad decisions :(

You can get cheap lunch items from Kroger if you get stuff that's been reduced or even go for one of their frozen lunches (even if it sometimes isn't the most appetizing thing).

Are they?

If only the ways wealthy people acquire their money were as heavily scrutinized as the ways poor people spend theirs…

Shiny244s avatar Shiny244 Yeah You Are +1Reply

I pack my man's lunch everyday.

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