A bunch of mom's definitely named their kids Stacy, just so they could be Stacy's mom. amirite?

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My parents named me Laura so they could humiliate me by singing "tell laura i love her" growing up. A song about a man called tommy dying in a horrific motorbike accident from way back when.

Forever got it going on

BRO one of my friends mom was lab partners with one of the members


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There is someone in my area a couple towns over running for office named Stacy Swallows, and I have had this goddamn song stuck in my head ever since driving by the sign the other day

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I wonder how many Stacy's moms are Jennys…

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We just changed the lyrics to the song to "Gracie's Mom" 🤷‍♂️

When that song came out I was dating a girl named Stacy whose mom was smoking hot lol

I dont get it

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@Framie1 I dont get it

Google Stacy's Mom

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Does this also apply to Jessie's girl?

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@Impolsion Does this also apply to Jessie's girl?

Only if Stacy's daughter dated someone named Jessie.

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