When changing the tire radius on your car, the speedometer won't display the correct velocity, amirite?

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It's 100% how a lot of them work. I have lifted several jeeps and put much bigger tires on them. You travel farther, faster with every full rotation of the axle when you have much bigger tires installed. My GPS and speedometer have shown several 5-7mph variations across the jeeps with varying size tires. I drive my tundra or Camry and the gps is never more than 1-2mph different. Tundra and Camry have stock wheel and tire sizes compared to the speedometer.

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It's not off by enough to get worried about.

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@Larny2019 It's not off by enough to get worried about.

It can be. It happens. I know someone who got a speeding ticket after putting big tires on his truck.

That's not how speedometers work

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Hey!!! Shut up my 1994 ford only has 90,000 miles on it. That's it 90,000!

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