If you were forced into a room full of every single fart you have ever produced, you would most likely enjoy the smell. amirite?

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Tldfonats avatar Tldfonat Yeah You Are +11Reply

... I'm lactose intolerant so I'm pretty sure I won't lol

I think op just has a fetish and doesnt know it yet

dankXDs avatar dankXD Yeah You Are +9Reply

I disagree

Nope woke myself up this morning. Not great...

Openeyess avatar Openeyes Yeah You Are +6Reply

Most likey die

I made my wife throw up when we were dating so I don't see my self liking that

I really doubt it. I am usually the first one running for the door after I rip ass.

no make you just have a fart fetish

Mcgee0s avatar Mcgee0 Yeah You Are +3Reply

I'm pretty sure the drywall would melt.

With IBS? It's worse then mustard gas mate.

Ive woken myself gagging think my dog had shat inside, I kost definitely wouldn't enjoy it

Mafiahammads avatar Mafiahammad Yeah You Are +2Reply

Just because I smell my farts now(for some reason) doesn't mean I want to later

Apartlavishnesss avatar Apartlavishness Yeah You Are +1Reply
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