in terms of biological life, humans are gigantic, amirite?

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I work at a museum currently. And the biggest dinosaurs were over 20 tonne and 20 meters long. So we are small. But based on percentage of life we are bigger than, we are probably massive

Tell that the dinosaurs (to late), elephants, whales, mooses (wtf is wrong with those huge biological AT-ATs?) etc. out in the world

@Some-Noname-idk Trees would also fall under the category of biological life.

Even a coral reef is one single big functioning system, so humans are tiny af compared to other biological lifeforms and it's kind of funny to think we are gigantic just because ants and bacteria, viruses etc. are so much smalleršŸ˜‚

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What other life is there?

Between the size of bacteria and blue whales, we're on the smaller side. The average length of life forms would be about 15m long, which is the length of an adult humpback whale. When you're dealing with such small measurements and then pretty large ones it gets weird. We're closer to a blue whale than a bacterium but are far below average just because the whales exist

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