We're not very creative when it comes to naming sports. amirite?

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Tennis is a creative name considering it's a form of racquetball

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We're not especially creative at naming anything, just look up your local shopping malls and retirement communities

Baseball we touch bases, basketball the goal is the basket, golf is okay I know there's some history and language with that answer but it's still weird…

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American football should be renamed to American Rugby, since that's what it resembles (somewhat). Soccer should be renamed to football (as it is globally), since the whole game is played literally with your feet.


Rugby... why? How? What inspired that name?

@Crazymotherfuker Rugby... why? How? What inspired that name?

The rules were first written down at Rugby School in the english town Rugby.

Ping pong, cricket, rounders?

There are more

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My personal favourite is the French game of Pétanque. Just sounds funny off the tongue

Only sports? So waterfall, or sky diving is creative?

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Cricket is creative

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@Cheytuflya Cricket is creative

"Alright guys, what shall we name it?" crickets

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