Most dead musicians that people regard as legends are only regarded as such because they died. If they were alive, they'd probably have been one hit wonders. amirite?

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Oh yeah...

Mozart the one hit wonder

Or Michael Jackson and that ONE song of his.......

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@Dairyqueenemployee That's why I said most 🌚

Not even a plurality

Most had plenty of good music

Kurt Cobain

Janis Joplin

Jimmie Hendrix

Chris Cornell

Chester Bennington


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Would you give some example please?

Roy Orbison, Jim Morrison......they had multiple hits.

Most dead musicians that people regard as legends (I know of) where considered like that while they were alive too. And if I havn't heard of those supposed legends yet, are they truly legends?

How would you rate lil pump tho?

Not really. Hendrix was already considered great before he OD'ed

Worth noting that Hendrix technically was a one hit wonder.

It s because once they die, music companies own the rights to to music and sell it cheaply. Living artists protect their music from exploitation...dead artists cant.

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